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Maxim Shoustin

I'm an enthusiastic full-stack software developer, architect, team leader and consultant

I have more than 8 years experience focused mostly on front-end and mobile:

  • Web: Angular, React
  • Node.js
  • Java: Swing
  • GTK C: for Windows/OS X (4 platforms based on Linphone Open source VoIP, Screen Sharing ...)


  • Java: Android (+NDK C)
  • Swift/Obective-C (iOS)

Crosplatform Mobile Projects:

  • Ionic for Android/iOS
  • Marmelade for Android

Server side:

  • PHP - Codeigniter + doctrine


  • mongoDB
  • Mysql
  • Hadoop

I have a lot of experience in end to end projects Client-Server.

POC demos and researches included:

  • google street view
  • Android traffic measurement
  • Android location detection improvement

and so on ...

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