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Hello! I'm a Brit ex-ex-pat. I make programs. Sometimes I make graphics. Sometimes I make security. All too often I have to do all of those together because of all these webs that people seem to like having. That pesky internet!

Favourite language (high level): Python

Favourite language (low level): ARM assembler

Favourite programming paradigm: functional

Favourite desktop OS: they're all equally annoying, so might as well go for the free one

Favourite metasyntactical variable: bof

Favourite SO tag: [unicode]

Favourite Unicode character: U+2615 HOT BEVERAGE

Favourite hot beverage: water with oestrogen and lemon. That's nice!

Favourite citrofortunella hybrid: limequat

Favourite unlikely fictional alliterative pontiff: His Holiness Pope Larry Lackapants IV

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