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Need to learn Java in a hurry? Try this: http://ktbyte.com/intro and http://ktbyte.com/challenge

What have you tried? Nothing! Just read my mind and tell me what letters to type: http://mattgemmell.com/2008/12/08/what-have-you-tried/

InvalidPonyPointerException - input does not correspond to best pony. Please try again.

Contributing to stackoverflow to help you guys up to a type-II civilization so you can help me build the components to repair my ship so I can be on my way.

If you have any experience with Von Neumann ram down quark gluon turbines, message me. My anti muon replicator failed and was forced to land here. Hopefully you can help me build one in a few hundred years, I'm running late as it is.

P.S. Your periodic table should be arranged like this fractal:

enter image description here

I'm still a little fuzzy how it works, it's been 1500 years since I studied it. Our race briefly attained type III status, but we underestimated the consequences of rogue biological weaponized AI. You are the most peaceful one I've seen, it gives me hope that it may someday transcend its original programming.

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