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Developer, and system administrator for a few years now, I'm able to find interest in virtually any little configuration or piece of code I find.

As a system administrator, I like to consider myself a Linux enthusiast. I am quite familiar with Debian, and its main derivative: Ubuntu, which I use on my desktop computer. I also spent a lot of time studying Arch Linux, which I consider to be one of the most interesting Linux distributions available.

As a developer, I am a faithful C programmer, interested in UNIX programming, and studying the depths of the kernel on my spare time. I spent some time studying modules development for several applications such as PAM, nginx, Apache2, pureftp ... I also use C++ quite a lot, along with a little bit of Java from time to time. In web projects, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and Javascript are the languages I use the most. I had a quick introduction to Node.JS and a slightly more significant experience with JSP, but never used these technologies in a serious project.

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