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comment Minify tool that can be executed through terminal
Be aware that choosing Grunt implies a learning curve.
comment Automatic screen brightness on Ubuntu 14.10 not working right, manual controls not working at all
Good - this works quite well and allows some control over brightness. Is there a way to turn off automatic control (ambient light sensing)? I know the laptop's camera is being used because if I cover the camera lens, it dims the screen right down automatically.
comment Unable to change screen brightness with hotkeys on Ubuntu 14.10
Doesn't work for me. Brightness controls don't work in a fresh 14.10 install. Previously (14.04), the brightness controls worked fine.
comment Upgraded to 14.10, brightness control quit working - Intel HD 4400
This did not solve the problem on my Samsung. I tried both the xorg.conf.d and the Grub approach too. Neither worked.
comment What is difference between #!/bin/sh and #!/bin/bash?
bash is a de facto standard (very widely used) but it is not "standard"; sh on Ubuntu uses dash, which is a Posix-compliant shell, so it is really standard. My advice is to use dash as often as possible for scripting, especially for server-side scripts. Although bash is more expressive, dash runs quite a lot faster and is more secure.
comment How to install Ruby Ripper, or another app that does MP3s through a GUI
Works for me. Note that the double-arrow on the first line should be a single arrow, for explicit overwrite of the target file. Otherwise it grows every time this is repeated.