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Fred J. Verster

I'm a 61 year male from Holland and have always worked with semiconductors, such as high power amplifiers, transmitters, transceivers and now computer hardware.

Eight months ago I've build this core I7-2600 system on an INTEL board [DP67BG] and added 2 ATI HD5870 GPUs. RAM: 20 GByte DDR3 1600 MHz. Dual-Channel Also 1 500GByte SAMSUNG BOOT Drive, 3 1 TByte internal HDDs [2 SAMSUNG, 1 SEAGATE]. uSED A COOLERMASTER casing and a 1KWatt PSU. Running WINDOWS 7 PRO. BOOT-Drive [C] will be swapped for a SSD

Now I want to add a LINUX, UBUNTU 64 BIT O.S. But haven't much experience with this. I now run UBUNTU 6.04 from CD-ROM, which works well, but want to install it and create a Dual-BOOT system.

Who will or can advice me on this? Your answers will be much appreciated......


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