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Some stuff I worked on:

  • LibSylph, a class library/standard library replacement in C++.
  • Multi Minecraft Manager
  • Drawtest, a simple Java library for pixel art.
  • Seychelles, a restricted command line for embedded systems with SCP and SFTP support
  • zshfw, a framework for ZSH plugin and theme management.

Also see my Github repo.

Stuff I hope to start working on more some day:

  • Salsa, a programming language inspired by Smalltalk, Lisp, Lua and C++.
  • Aplida, a unified application and plugin management system for Linux (similar to LaunchServices on OS X)
  • Sylt, an object-oriented extensible POSIX-compliant microkernel in C++.
  • Ritera, a web framework and content management system in C++.

As you may see above, I quite enjoy C++, especially the new C++11 revision :) -- it's not too low-level, not too high-level: it's juuust riiight.