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comment Is there any Ubuntu 14.04 theme to make it look like Windows 10?
This might be the closest you can get at the moment. W10 is still pretty new and it will take some time for someone to make a W10 theme.
comment New to Ubuntu/Linux - Which distro should I install?
Your question is a matter of opinion so not a good fit for AskUbuntu. Feel free to try them all and make a choice on what -you- like. Canonical (owns Ubuntu) does not restrict you in any way in using Ubuntu.
comment Ubuntu MATE 15.04 very long boot
See if systemctl mask systemd-udev-settle works. Found it here:
comment Ubuntu MATE 15.04 very long boot
Ok we are getting somewhere... add the output of systemctl status systemd-udev-settle ;)
comment What is THIS? Error, no words!
You are using something else than the default language? Looks like an untranslated text.
comment Installing Ubuntu OpenStack requires at least seven machines with two disks, two of which have two network interfaces (NICs).WHY?
Would it not be better to ask this on This claims it can be done with 1 NIC:…
comment How do I reset/format Ubuntu 14.10
and 14.10 went end of life so no longer supported,
comment Trying to start zoneminder 1.28 on ubuntu 12.04
You could add this to .bashrc but the problem is with the installer of ZM where they did not use sudo with a command that does require it. It probably should be installed in a location that does not require sudo and then it will run (like /home/$USER/ or /opt/ with an open directory to that user)
comment How to install rpm package in ubuntu?
Sorry but to me you are asking all the wrong questions. Why do you not ask how to get a specific hardware (details to be included about the hardware) working with Ubuntu and link to the RPM you found that might work?! Your answer then will be about how to install it using Alien (and if it shows up how to fix any errors if possible) or that you should install a certain .DEB file and forget about RPM.
comment which scanner supported Ubuntu 12.04
Sorry, hardware recommendations are off topic on AskUbuntu.
comment this installation did not install the CUDA driver
Does the image not also include the solution?
comment Copying files from external Drive Slow
Get another hard drive. That notice is an indication of a failing hard drive. ` dmesg` should tell you what blocks.
comment How to connect and copy file to Windows 8 system from Ubuntu 12.04 via network using command line?
"How to make the Windows run ssh-server daemon?" How would we know? We support Ubuntu. Windows related questions need to be asked on "Is there any other means to copy a file to Windows from Linux system." is also a question regarding Windows.
comment modify grub4dos for android kitkat
How is this an Ubuntu related problem?
comment Ubuntu MATE 15.04 very long boot
@mchid make it an answer and Ill remove this one ;)
comment Why do people keep destroying free software?
We are not a discussion site and what you consider useful is a matter of opinion ;) Btw: my 15.04 does have a right pane view. And I never saw a version that did not have it (?)
comment Partition disappeared for unknown reasons
Sounds like hibernation is active. If so Ubuntu will refuse to mount it.
comment rpm file to deb Ubuntu Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
Ubuntu 10(.4 or 10.10)... has gone end of life a long time ago and so has support on AskUbuntu. Please use: Regarding: mkdir: cannot create directory `oracle-xe-11.2.0': File exists... if it exists remove it yourself before issueing the command ;) Might be a fix.
comment Which unattended-upgrades system takes precedence and how?
Only 1 should be active. This is old: but seems still relevant(?)
comment Check which services are running on the server (python script) and restart them if they have stopped?
Why not edit the service to "respawn"? I would consider that the best method. See