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...While still somewhat young, I've been bangin' away on computers since my early adolescence. My first "gem" was a Tandy, where I initially got my feet wet with BASIC programming. I eventually upgraded and honed my skills in BASIC on a Commodore-128. I later got in "some trouble" with my computer-based wisdom and went without for quite a few years...

Fast forward a bit, and I eventually decided to make computers my career, which was impeccable timing, as I was working at Amazon.com and an entry-level position opened up around 2-3 months after I took it upon myself to study for the A+ exam.

Now I work a lot with open-source monitoring tools such as Cacti and Nagios, and do a bit of shell and Perl scripting. While I enjoy all aspects of IT, my areas of interest are web design/development, networking (Cisco), and anything regarding the Linux operating system!

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