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Rid Iculous

I had a Paypal account for nearly 10 years. I opened it under a website project's name at that time and never had any problems with it. Up until three weeks ago when - without warning(!) - Paypal simply froze my entire funds. Someone was kind enough to donate $5 for a song. Previously, I paid for a non-functioning GoPro camera via Paypal and this money had been refunded. So, I had close to $500 in the account ($480 of which Paypal took from my bank account). Paypal then asked me to "provide documentation" about my identity to a degree that is so obviously just a data gathering exercise, it's absolutely disgusting. A copy of my drivers license eg is NOT enough. I had to supply a copy of my birth certificate on top. Still not enough, Paypal needs proof that my business name matches that of the account. It doesn't. Being on the phone to them (treated with the same arrogant attitude 50ties-movie cops extend to allegedly guilty criminals) and explaining the situation, several phone calls and emails later, I was assured that the account would be changed to match my name and consequently lift the ban. This was 2 weeks ago. Numerous emails later still nothing happens. The frustration and anger this evokes you can only imagine.

Why am I writing this here? To warn developers to not use Paypal.

The arbitrariness and arrogance with which this company pushes their own long-term clients around displays the same qualities mob gangsters put on when doing their collections.