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Professionally, I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at Google. In previous jobs I was primarily a C++ software engineer working with embedded Linux devices. In my spare time (hah!), I like to develop video games.

comment Preferred apt repository
That's a bummer. I wanted to distribute a package that dropped the intranet repo info in sources.list.d. But it looks like I'll have to edit the sources.list in the post-install, yuck.
comment Preferred apt repository
I read the manpage for apt_preferences. It has this line: "The APT preferences file does not affect the choice of instance, only the choice of version." It looks like APT preferences wont solve my specific use case.
comment What native games are available?
Is there an easy to install .deb for minecraft?
comment Which language is ubuntu-desktop mostly coded in?
It could matter if a young non-programmer were considering Software Engineering as a career. He could come here looking for guidance of which languages to specialize in.
comment Where is the Flash in Chrome?
Some how flashplugin-installer was already installed on my system and flash still would not work. I unistalled then reinstalled it and now flash works fine in chrome.