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I'm a Linux user

comment How can I make gnome-shell treat both monitors in the same way?
Alas, this didn't work for me in Ubuntu 14.04. (see my follow up question askubuntu.com/questions/558717/… )
comment Does Ubuntu prevent customization of pynotify notifications?
@RolandTaylor Oh yes, but in case other people are reading this and think the problem is with pynotify per se
comment Does Ubuntu prevent customization of pynotify notifications?
pynotify is used for communicating with the desktop notification system. If you are running notify-osd (default in ubuntu) then it will use that. If you stop notify-osd and start another notification system (e.g. notification-daemon (the old one) or xfce4-notifyd) then pynotify will use that.
comment Can a server handle simultaneous shell commands?
Be very careful with accepting the input filename from the user. Someone might specially craft a filename that mimics some command, and that you would execute, and you would essentially be hacked.
comment Prevent xchat from trying to join channels until I have been authenticated
Yes, I'm talking about FreeNode, and I have set the 'NickServ' password correctly, and I get this issue. I tried removing that, and putting my password in the 'server password' field, and that didn't identify me at all.
comment How do I use ffmpeg's “-vf” / “-vfilters” option without recompiling ffmpeg myself?
Do you know why the ffmpeg in ubuntu don't do this? Is the version of ffmpeg too old? Or was this delibrately switched off?