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Not actually hostile, just a bit irate. :)

A "hostile fork"—as many developers know—refers to when open source efforts diverge due to different ideas about where the code should be taken. I started my site intending to get to the bottom of why we all can't just get along as a bit of an SEO/keyword hack. (It worked...try googling "hostile fork".)

Until I figure out how to make everyone bring the best ideas to the table, I'm just blogging about software development. Long term I hope that people searching for "hostile fork x" will find my site and consider engagement instead of forking. Yet somehow it's easier to answer StackOverflow questions than make people get along. Who knew?

And yes I drew the fork. I'm an artiste as well as a programmer. :P

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comment Why is my perfomance too bad in Virtual Box?
FWIW: I tried this and it had no effect on the graphics speed. (Ubuntu in VirtualBox 4.3.8). The extra CPU core suggested by @9ler helped a little bit, however...enough to be sort of tolerable?
comment How to fix virtualbox's copy and paste to host-machine?
+1 as I too had this happen right after taking a snapshot of an Ubuntu 12 installation. These two lines did the trick for me!
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comment How to activate User after changing UID with usermod?
+1 Worked for me! (Although I also got a user showing up named "vboxadd", where if you're running the VirtualBox guest additions it adds such a user at ID 999 by default. Of course you can just move that out of the way, too...)