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Interests (61): academia, authors, being well-read/written, broadening my horizons, care/feeding of music, cartoonists, challenging my belief system, comedy albums, comfortable clothing and surroundings, current_, director's cuts, electronics, ends to a mean, esoterica, families of all kinds, fandom, fantasy and science fiction, fictional and real relationships, figuring myself out, filmmakers, finding credible female characters, finding credible female writers, finding my own path, freelance coding, ghost in the machine, hospitals, idiosyncrasies, intellectually sound, learning for its sake, linguistics, lists, mechanisms of objects, medicine, mint condition, my heroes are dead, neurology, news that's not, obscure knowledge is key, old-fashioned typewriters, open-minded debate/discourse, politics, quotations, refusing to be labeled, religious doctrine, role-playing video games, running on imagination, screenwriting, separation of church/state, showtime, slowing down, steampunk, strangeness, stream of consciousness, the body electric/holographic, the fuckest uppest, the united states military, unintentional antagonism, unruly hair, unusual crossovers, world history, you win at life.

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