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Aaron Schwartz. Adobe Creative Suite. Adam Brody. Adrien Brody. Alan Turing. Alchemy. Alexandre Desplat. American Beauty (movie). American Experience. American history. Anti-DSM-V. Arakawa Hiromu. Artistic/medicinal history. Autistic spectrum.

Being that chill. Being well-read/written. Biology. Black history. Bryan Cranston. Buddhism.

C.D. Payne. Calculus. Care/feeding of music. Cassandra Clare. Catherine Jinks. Chemistry. Christopher Paolini. Chuck Palahniuk. Clinical observations. Clint Mansell. Craig Nicholls. Cruelty-free research. Cult movies/television.

Daniel Radcliffe. Dark matter. Darren Aronofsky. Dave Eggers. David Duchovny. David S. Goyer. Diagnostics. Dick Wolf. Director's cuts. Discovery Fit/Health Channel.

Ellen Page. Emma Watson. Evan Peters. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Families of all kinds. Finding G-d in science. Forensic anthropology/pathology. Frameworks. Frank Portman. Full-stack.

Gillian Anderson. Graphic Design. Great acting. Gus van Sant.

Hajime Isayama. Harlem Renaissance. Hebrew. Homeopathics. Hugh Laurie.

Inclusion and equality. Individualism. Infectious disease. Ireland. Irish Gaelic. Irish history.

J.K. Rowling. Japan. Japanese history. Jasper Fforde. Jewish history. John Grisham. John Forbes Nash. John Oliver. Jon Hamm. Jon Stewart. Jonathan Safran Foer. Joss Whedon. Judaic history. Judaism.

Karen Russell.

Liberal Catholicism. Linguistics. Lionardo di ser Piero DaVinci. Lois Lowry.

Magazines. Marisha Pessl. Mark Haddon. Masterpiece Theatre. Mathematics. Medical texts. Meditation. Method acting. Michael C. Hall. Michael Cera. Michael Gambon. Multi-dimensional space. My-heroes-aren't-all-dead.

National Civic Hacking Day. Neurology/neurosurgery. Nick Hornby.

Obama is only human. Open-minded debate/discourse. Optimism. Original lineups. Original soundtracks. Otherworldly fiction.

Pacifism. Parallel universes. Pendleton Ward. Perspective. Pharell Williams. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Philosophy. Poland. Polish (language). Premium channels. Programming languages.

Questioning my beliefs.

R. Lee Ermey. Religious metaphor in reality. Reliving my happiness. Renaissance Florence. Roku. Rupert Grint. Ryan Russell.

Sciences. Separation of church/state. Showrunners. Singers with long range. Skate/snowboards. Stephen Chbosky. Stephen Colbert. Stephen Hawking. String theory. Suzanne Collins. Syncretism.

The D. The Days (ABC). The fuckest uppest. The United States military. Theoretical/quantum physics. Timbaland. Time/space continuum. Timothy Drake/(Red) Robin. Tite Kubo. Toby Barlow. Tom Riley. Trent Reznor.

War's first casualty: humanity. Warm Bodies (book/movie). Web Development. Without a Trace. Women in arts/sciences. World history.

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