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Hallo! Christian, I like to play Garry's Mod and Call of Duty... I like cookies, bread, potatoes, bacon, meat, rice, and a lot of more crap. I don't really listen to music... Whenever I play Pokemon Trivia in Jailnbreak I always win, and I don't know why ;s...

Languages to learn: Spanish √ French √ English √ Portuguese √ (Basics) German (work in progress...)

Computer shit to learn: HTML √ (Basics) Java Lua Unity 3D Ubuntu Linux shit √ (Basics)

Games in my ACTUAL Wishlist: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns Call of Duty Ghosts

Games I mostly play: Garry's Mod Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Xbox) Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Portal 2 Pokemon Heart Gold

Now some funny quotes... "Doge's Pikachu, you seem pretty Steam-Smart, but your hours of gameplay of L4D2 scares me a lot..." -Random guy

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