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comment What packages do I remove to get a command line only mode?
Right, I understand that grub setting now. It was very hard to find out how it works exactly, though. It's in the lightdm upstart script /etc/init/lightdm.com where this setting is actually handled. I will edit my answer accordingly.
comment How can I get alt-tab to work in virtualbox vm when in full screen?
This question has the right solution: askubuntu.com/questions/122209/….
comment Why does Unity hide the menubar?
"We hide the menu by default in Unity because the menu provides no useful information to which you can refer just by looking at it" That's not true. It tells me where I have to move the mouse pointer to activate a specific menu. Now I have to move the mouse pointer vertically to the menubar first, and then I have to move it horizontally to reach the specific menu. If the menubar were always visible, I could move it to the right position directly.