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comment bridge vs iptables vs route?
I'll look into it more tomorrow. There is no problem with the server connecting to the WAN and the internet. I just wanted to know how to connect the WiFi router to the WAN via the server. There are three linux commands that do similar things. Which of them do I need? (or which combination)? I'll try (1) route again. Then reset it back to the current state (when it doesn't work), then I'll make a bridge, and then add IPtables to the bridge. If my server locks up, then I'll have to reboot to remove the bridge and get things back to the current config.
comment bridge vs iptables vs route?
Thanks. Not really though. I've tried iptables and I've tried messing with the route command and I've tried a bridge, but got locked out of the computer. It may be that I need to try combinations of these. Not sure where to get networking help though.