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I've been programming for most of my life, since I got my hands on a Casio Pocket Computer circa 1986.

Since then I have coded in both assembly and Basic for the TRS80, the Commodore 64/128, an HP48, and every single iteration of the x86 family since the 8088.

I have worked with a multitude of languages from assembly (65xx, z80, x86, Saturn, etc...), c/c++, java, php, basic, javascript and even a couple of esoteric languages such as brainfuck. That, of course, is meaningless unless you are able to create something useful with whatever language you use, and that's what I have tried do since I started programming.

comment “About This Computer” and System Settings/Details do not open
I'm having the exact same problem and, at this point, it appears that can only be solved by disabling 3D acceleration in VistualBox.
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