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I am Gabriel T. Sharp, I was born in the armpit of america, Albany, Oregon to my parent's Lynette Kaye Norton and Thomas Dale Sharp. I grew up in Albany and Knox Butte for the first 11 years of my life and attended Clover Ridge Elementary School. In my teenage years I frequently moved back and forth between Oregon and Colorado (Denver, Where my Mom's Parents Lived). While in Denver I attended Aurora Hills Middle School and Gateway High School. I did attend an Elementary school for a brief amount of time when I was younger but can't remember what it was called. I spent many summers in Sodaville, Oregon, with my Dad and the rest of the time with my Mom. For one or two summers, my Dad lived in Washington-Oregon border towns Milton-Freewater/Walla-Walla area. In my mid-teen years I attended High School in Denver , then back with my Dad in Albany and Lebanon - it was at this time (1995-96) that my internet presence was first made in IRC/Telnet/Newsgroups and some crappy www stuff. At 17, I moved back to Colorado for four months. A month before I turned 18, I moved out on my own and started working as a volunteer sysop for a small internet service provider in Corvallis, Oregon. Then, 18 days after turning 18, I was in a very very inconvienent accident involving a grease fire where I was working for the ISP, this put me in the hospital for 2 months and surgery and bullshit related to it would haunt me until 2001. Two years later (2003) was when I met my fiancee, Alisha, and in 2004 we had a son, Irian Sharp, following a daughter in 2006, Ethelind Sharp**. Since those days I have been freelancing and scraping to get by. The job market for what I do in software is all but extinct in the US, since most SW jobs are overseas now. Then, in 2007, my Dad passed away, followed by my wife's Grandfather we were very close to and my Grandmother in 2010 (there were a few other family deaths as well but I get upset when I think about them and I want to stay on subject here). Anyways, as of now, I live wherever I am at the moment, and wouldn't have my life any other way. I love my wife, kids, and friends - the rest is in the future is the way I see it. My one hope before I die is to have just one of my projects be successful and see my kids acquire their dreams, of course I would be just as happy with the latter of the two.

And that is about all I can say. I would say more but I want to keep this positive, and I try to stay that way everyday because that is what the world needs. There is too much suffering and pain in the world to be contributing to it. If you read this far, I thank you for having so little to do that you could actually read this. If you have any other questions, e-mail me or something.


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