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I'm working on my PhD in aerospace engineering, specializing in computational turbulent combustion. My focus is primarily on massively parallel algorithms and computational methods for solving fluid and structural mechanics problems. Primary work is done in Fortran (90, 95, and 2003) but recent work has me branching into python, C and C++.

I'm also interested in international affairs and law.

Also interested in applying computational techniques to sports, in particular cycling aerodynamics and performance optimization. Particular emphasis on track cycling and time trialing.

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comment Are there cases where vi is the only option?
Situations where your sys-admin is lazy and only uses vi, so other editors aren't installed and he/she refuses. I've been told to suck it up and learn vi by system admins from amateurs through HPC experts. (And for that matter, to use csh instead of bash because they didn't want to write their custom environment scripts again).
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