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I graduated from Computer Systems Technology at SIAST Kelsey Campus in 2008. This 2-year course concentrates on hands-on, collaborative projects as opposed to being heavily theory based like many university computer science programs. I gained experience with many different programming languages such as Java, C#, and C++. CST also included classes which exposed me to various DB engines such as Oracle, MS SqlServer, and mySQL. It was also the first place I learned about eXtreme Programming (XP) practices. My favorite part was getting to work through full projects as part of a team who was responsible for the entire life-cycle including development, acceptance testing, delivery, deployment, and maintenance.

I am now a Software Developer on an Agile Scrum team at Point2 Technologies. We practice XP techniques such as pair-programming, TDD, continuous integration, and clean code. My experience here so far has made me into a very effective Java (JVM) developer and I like utilizing tools and frameworks such as Maven-2, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit, Mockito, and pretty much anythign from Apache. The project my previous team and I just finished let us play with some new, *shiny* things such as OSGi, Camel, Jython, and MongoDB. I am currently on a new team which is very heavy on the DOT.NET stack but we also get oppurtunities to use Python and Django. We are currently developing a service-oriented, domain-driven, MVC 3 web application and I am loving the new challenges!

comment Can't get Minecraft to run on Ubuntu
I did not need to install OpenJDK, updating the LWJGL libs was good enough to resolve the issue on my computer. In fact, the Minecraft official website's download page recommends using the Sun/Oracle JDK. Either way, thanks for the helpful answer!
comment How to make Logitech Anywhere MX work in Ubuntu 12.X?
My mousefix script is failing to run without sudo ... I am getting the error "ERROR: Removing 'hid_logitech_dj': Operation not permitted". Any suggestions?
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