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Looking for Ruby and Rails developer!!

The company I work for (www.ipmag.ch) is hiring. We are looking for someone to help with project I am currently working on. Main product of IPM institute is a bundle of smart psychological analyses, aimed to be used in business environment, but not only. The main goal is to better understand your customer, or your employee, or your team members. In order to provide this kind of solution more available, because many institutes and companies already work with some kind of CRM of HRM software solutions, we want to have it as a RESTful service.

So, if you think that this project is a bit different and interesting and you would like work as a freelancer on it, contact me: ernest at iest dot pl

comment Find and replace text within multiple files
Works perfectly (if you are already familiar with Regex), thank you.
comment Is there a Pomodoro app available?
For Ubuntu + Unity this is currently the best choice that "just works".
comment Decrease mouse sensitivity below the standard limit
+1 I've had same problem with Logitech trackall, but this helped, thnx.