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I write SQL queries, PL/SQL programs or develop UI using Oracle Forms. Former techie-buzz blogger. Occasionally write a post or two on my own blogs personal and tech.

I used to moderate (the now defunct) tech2 forums and was elected as a ♦ Community Moderator for Super User in 2011 and for Web Applications Stack Exchange in 2012.

Besides SQL, PL/SQL & Oracle Forms, I also know a little bit of Ruby, Python & C#. I love listening to music and I'm an avid gamer, and can be found on Raptr, Steam.

I have a rather broad social presence and you can catch me on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Posterous, Tumblr, Google Reader, about.me and Atticous

I also tend to edit quite a lot of questions and answers - so please don't think I'm targetting you.

BTW - there's my Amazon Wish List that needs to be fulfilled :)


HP Envy 14


Google Cr-48

Say hello to my Cr-48

D-Link DGL 4500

D-Link DGL 4500

Denon AH-C360


Fiio E5

Fiio E5 amp is in the house


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