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comment How do I resume a release upgrade/update?
do-release-upgrade does start a screen session (with screen escape character ^space), but if the parent do-release-upgrade process dies, that might still kill the whole thing. Be careful about hitting ^c if you start a subshell to poke at a modified conffile, I ran into a problem with that: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/…
answered Get pulseaudio current sample rate and bit rate
answered How to solve apt “package cannot be configured because package is in a different version” errors?
comment growisofs fails with unable to O_EXCL /dev/scd0: someone was in time to remount?
update: actually some mounting and careful unmounting do appear to have solved it. /proc/<pid>/cwd doesn't show the working directory of a process still CDed to a force-unmounted filesystem, so I did find a shell that might have been CDed to a CD while I was trying to burn the first time
comment growisofs fails with unable to O_EXCL /dev/scd0: someone was in time to remount?
had this issue too, with 12.04 LTS, default desktop GUI setup (running from the livecd on a USB stick, actually). Hit the eject button on the drive to umount and open the tray,but now growisofs can't open /dev/sr0 with O_EXCL. I guess it didn't really unmount? But there's nothing about it still in /proc/mounts, and no processes with a cwd in /media or anything. I can mount and unmount burned discs with no complaints or effects on the problem. Is there a bug open for this on Launchpad?
comment How to avoid “Assuming drive cache: write through” message during restart?
Probably your system locked up during whatever it does next, after the step that printed the message about disk caches