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I'm relatively new to Linux. I just started using Ubuntu back in May of 2012. I tried a year or so prior to that to install Fedora but it wouldn't recognize my wireless networking card. I figured Linux itself wouldn't work for me, so I gave up for awhile. Then I figured I'd venture into it again and tried to install Ubuntu, and it worked. I've been using it more and more ever since.

I do a dual boot Windows 7/Ubuntu 12.10 and am spending more and more time in the Ubuntu side of the boot. I find Windows to be increasingly annoying. It bloats and becomes slower and slower the more it is used. If you try to run a registry cleaner to streamline the OS some, you invariably end up with that causing you even more problems. Sure, a lot of my games only run on Windows, but I don't spend that much time gaming. I have been recommending Ubuntu to all of my friends that only use their computers for word processing, browsing the internet, email, instant messaging, and playing music. If you're doing those things and not a hardcore gamer, you'll prefer Linux over Windows.

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