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Yasar ICLI

Hi I'm yasar içli. I'm a young software engineer. I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I've been interesting in this job for 8 years. I experience in Javascript. I have a lot of knowledges about Javascript and I like so much writing this program. I have also knowledge about Python(OOP, MVC, Django), Php(OOP, MVC), Asp(OOP), Javascript(OOP, jQuery), Mysql(Database Optimization , Database Design), Html(xhtml, dhtml, css), Server Man(Debian, Centos, FreeBSD) those are my skills and they increasing day by day. I've worked for crowded compenies so far. I've created Jinclude which is called ''javascript library'' within those years. I use this library and also other people who write javascript use. not only this but I have a project called ''mycodeline'' as well. Now I'm carring out this project and I believe that everybody will use this website for sharing and keepind their codes when I complete this project. At first I started as a freelancer. After that I worked as a frontend for a company named zin studios. And now I work both as a frontend and as a backend for the company which studies on ecommerce.

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