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Someone looking for job in Python, Django (at Delhi location) can contact me at my personal email.

About me:

Current: Software Engineer
Past: Lecturer
Education: Masters in Computer Technology
Research: Metamorphic & Polymorphic Malware Analysis
Programming Interests: C, Python, Assembly
Email: [email protected]

1. SARGable
2. Bit Twiddling Hacks

My answers:

  1. Python, ncurses: raining
  2. A puzzle related to nested loops, and Nested loops result
  3. Difference between char* str[] and char str[][] and how both stores in memory?
  4. What does sizeof(&array) return?

Some helpful answers On THEORY OF COMPUTATION:

  1. Design DFA accepting binary strings divisible by a number 'n'
  2. How to write regular expression for a DFA
  3. Need Regular Expression for Finite Automata: Even number of 1s and Even number of 0s
  4. How does "δ:Q×Σ→Q" read in the definition of a DFA (deterministic finite automaton)?
  5. Constructing an equivalent Regular Grammar from a Regular Expression
  6. Regular Expression to DFA
  7. Tips for creating Context free grammar

1. Double-precision IEEE754 calculator
2. Modulus And Remainder Are Not The Same
3. If you like ASCII art:

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