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I am a University student, with a focus on Cyber Security. I am also a Linux enthusiast.

[Ubuntu-related Things]

I am affiliated with several different Launchpad projects and groups, listed on my Launchpad User Page.

I am also able to be found on ubuntuforums.org, and this is my user account there.

I am an Ubuntu Member as of November of 2011. Please see my launchpad user page for details.

teward @ irc.freenode.net
TheLordOfTime @ irc.freenode.net

(This user is a self-proclaimed Brony)

revised How can I remove the ubnoxious subscript that appear on some torrents
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comment How can I remove the ubnoxious subscript that appear on some torrents
I fail to see a reference of what you're talking about here?
comment How can I install without a USB or CD? I have tried UNetbootin and wubi
@Terrance8D they don't have USB or CD/DVD ROM - I wonder if this is on a tablet or an all in one
comment Force primary HDD to be as secondary?
This will actually detract from read/write speeds, and therefore will be detrimental.
comment ITunes on Ubuntu to manage iOS apps
Only iTunes can truly handle applications on iOS devices. Granted, the problem with iOS devices as such is that there is no iTunes utility that works as intended on Ubuntu, even under wine based on latest Wine AppDB test results. PlayOnLinux does not manage/transfer them either. There's no Ubuntu/Wine usable utility to do that.
comment Server 14.10 installed, update error
Can you post the actual error message and not the small excerpt? We need more information, and what you've provided is not a complete error message.
revised Server 14.10 installed, update error
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comment Ubuntu says Chrome closed, but it is still open
I wonder if this could be because of a crashed thread of chrome - it opens a lot of threads after all.
comment Pokemon TCG Installer
I'm unclear what you're trying to do here, and what you're asking... :/
revised Older DVD Formats Not Functioning
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comment What is a '.orig.tar.xz' file in packaging?
+1 good answer. Also, consider that the .orig.tar must not change between package revisions within the same version number (i.e. between 1.6.0-1 and 1.6.0-1.1, the .orig.tar file cannot change, and the source code you use cannot differ from the .orig.tar without patches contained as part of quilt).
comment What is a '.orig.tar.xz' file in packaging?
That's exactly what I meant thanks, I'll redo the comment.
reviewed Edit macchanger wlan not working
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reviewed Approve Using FTP to connect to Linux machines using Nautilus's location entry
revised Cannot access internet from WiFi except my home WiFi!
remove superfluous data - just remove it, don't strike it out.
reviewed Reject Installing VirtualBox gives “dpkg : error processing package”
comment Logging to Ubuntu Forums not working
This is not about Ubuntu within the bounds of the rules for this site, it is about another site run by Canonical, and is not able to be resolved here.
revised HP mini 210 too hot on lubuntu 14.04
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comment why wont my net book recognize that its wireless
@mchid that's not entirely true - some wireless adapters need proprietary drivers which aren't included because of licensing