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answered Very small sized ubuntu distro
comment Very small sized ubuntu distro
While this technically answers the question, it does not truly answer the question nor does it provide helpful pointers to how to proceed.
comment Very small sized ubuntu distro
@AzkerM lol, stating the same distro I said xD
comment Very small sized ubuntu distro
@AbubakarSiddique There's no Debian based distro that will take up that small a space requirement. You'll consume that 1GB extremely fast with updates, so you will really need a completely different type of distro for that (Damn Small Linux for example may work, but that's not Ubuntu or Debian based)
comment is there a way to set permissions like drwxr-xr-x 2?
Also note @A.B. it is considered a security risk to mess with files inside /etc/ especially the polkit stuff
comment how to make Ubuntu prevent port scan
So where's the scanning coming from? From your IP/computer to your remote server run by a hosting company?
comment is there a way to set permissions like drwxr-xr-x 2?
Why exactly do you want to do this? Most of the /etc/ stuff should be left well enough alone.
comment How do I change the computer name?
@CiroSantilli六四事件法轮功包卓轩 you also have to edit /etc/hosts and replace the old hostname with the new one, so that error goes away.
revised r-cran-matrix packages cannot be authenticated
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answered r-cran-matrix packages cannot be authenticated
comment r-cran-matrix packages cannot be authenticated
Firstly, post comments not answers. Secondly, the errors aren't related, they're different.
comment Deja Dup - Should I backup hidden files located in home folder?
They contain all your settings - do not ignore them!
comment How come reboot messages show under Ubuntu, but don't in Linux Mint?
Linux Mint is offtopic here as it is Not Ubuntu
comment Can I Run Ubuntu from a USB Flash Drive on a Built PC with No Operating System?
Yes, you don't need an OS installed on the computer to run a LiveUSB, though you'll lose whatever you save on the USB stick without setting up Persistence. (And it will be a LOT slower than installing to the disk directly)
comment How to trace the IP of a Tox user?
I don't know enough about Tox but P2P just means t connects to other peers in the network and not necessarily your friends directly. Tor and torrents run on a similar basis...
comment Dual boot W10/xubuntu: fast startup removed but since I put to sleep W10 once I couldn't mount that partition where windows os is installed
@ScientistorPhilosopher "hibernate" can still exist, so you need to actually force the system to go into shutdown. Reboot isn't enough. (That's why the command given by cl-netbox worked)
comment How to share Guest's internet with host on Virtualbox?
@pcworld that's a lot easier said than done on a Windows 7 guest. Not sure that's still a valid approach given that, nor am I sure that's on topic here
revised Forward only web traffic to another interface
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comment Connecting to OpenVPN, authentication but no internet
Did you configure firewall rules to permit traffic to be forwarded out to the Internet when it gets to the server over the VPN interface? That's not a part of default setup and requires multiple rules to work...
comment Unable to open sites with HTTPS when connected through OpenVPN
The OpenVPN server may be misconfigured - HTTPS over OpenVPN works here (14.04)