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I am a University student, with a focus on Cyber Security. I am also a Linux enthusiast.

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comment How can I merge free space partition with primary ntfs partition using Gparted in Ubuntu 14.04?
Attach a screenshot of gparted, we need to actually see the partition layout
revised How should I transfer photo (jpeg) files from my ubuntu 14.04 PC and display them on my iPad, without using iTunes?
Ubuntu One files is dead. No need for a "Greetings!" either.
comment Am I better off with xbuntu or lubuntu?
Any answer to this is going to be opinion based, which doesn't match what we look for here on the site. What we recommend is to run with Live USBs of each and see which performs better for you. Personally, I use Lubuntu for low-spec systems, but that's a personal preference.
comment Share WiFi signal wirelessly with sony wireless card
Windows probably did some hackery to make it work - in Ubuntu, the concept is "One in, one out" so if your wireless is the one you're wanting to share you'd need another wireless card, I believe, to make it work (at least, out of the box)
revised Change voltage in amdconfig
added 4 characters in body
revised Problem while instaling wine on 64bit ubuntu 12.04
comment Running League of Legends on Samsung Chromebook with Ubuntu 12.04.4 ARM
This is the most accurate answer - Wine and ARM don't get along.
comment No sound from Chrome, sound works fine in Firefox etc (13.10)
Consider that SUSE Linux is not Ubuntu, and that you cannot guarantee that solutions on non-Ubuntu OSes will work here.
comment 14.10 Image Viewer bug, click>drag pic leaves pointer changed
By the way, the actual package is eog for the default-included image viewer)
comment 14.10 Image Viewer bug, click>drag pic leaves pointer changed
Bugs should be reported on Launchpad. However, it sounds like the "Image Viewer" package you selected is not the actual package to file against. Consider reporting the bug without assigning a package either, then triagers will get it to where it needs to be.
comment Ubuntu 4.10 installation stuck during loading cdrom driver
YOur question is about 4.10 Warty. Unfortunately, that is offtopic on this site (see the help center).
comment please give me a step by step procedure for file sharing using LAN
Um, you don't touch upon automount in this answer, you also don't touch upon that ssh server is NOT installed automatically so therefore this won't work out of the box in default setups.
answered Which apps read/write an SQLite 3 database in Ubuntu?
comment E: Type 'sudo' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list
Looks like a broken file - /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list is malformed which causes problems. Post the content either via the Ubuntu Pastebin, or as an edit to your question here.
comment RE Q & A from Aug.16 '12 at 10:32
This is not a question - if you are adding a comment on a q&a already in existence, you should add it as such.
comment League of Legends from windows on Ubuntu 14.04
This is the appdb link right to the ratings for the root Applicatoin. You have to verify which version you have.
comment How to run ccminer 1.2 on Ubuntu 14.10?
Well, all I can say is try a different mining software. Hardware and/or software specific problems such as this one where it isn't detected by the miner are pretty infinitely broad and impossible to answer. I also don't support GPU mining except for fun and as a method to literally burn your computer - as GPU mining died a long time ago
comment How to run ccminer 1.2 on Ubuntu 14.10?
Use a different bitcoin mining software.
answered How to replace Ubuntu host with Windows 7 installed in a virtual machine?
comment How to run ubuntu in windows 7 like a app?
@amanthethy Wubi is very very unstable and buggy - it's not recommended due to lack of UEFI support and incompatibility with Windows 8 and such, so virtualizing is a better solution