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A happy contract engineer for decades who burned out somewhat in the late 1990s, pursued other passions, and learned that the satisfaction of engineering was more than recognized. Now focused on improving and updating my skills and focusing on personally compelling areas of technology.

Recent contracts include

  • a C++/MFC GUI for a security agent to monitor potential hazardous conditions and decide upon suggested actions.
  • In 2010, did a three month process control upgrade project which controls all of northern+central California's transmission power grid.
  • prototyped a B2B LAMP website
  • an embedded control and monitoring system for a high power UV-based water processing unit.
  • In 2011, did an embedded airborne system which reacts to airborne and ground threats using 3D Great Circle trigonometry, sped up to assess thousands of threats per second.
  • In 2012, worked on a personal website project to really learn PHP and CodeIgniter
  • Now working on a medium sized conversion from handcrafted non-MVC PHP website to fully MVC CodeIgnitier/PHP/Linux/MySQL/S3.

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