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comment What are limitations of ubuntu phone comparing to ubuntu desktop?
@Rinzwind, Thank you for the links. I did not consider using ubuntu touch in my search query to find out about my questions. Actually, I did not know they are the same product. My bad! But my general question is what I have written in the last paragraph and bullet points are just examples of it. Do you think it is better if I ask a general question about limitations of ubuntu phone and change it to a community wiki?
comment Setting gnome as desktop environment in .xsession
The problem is when I do that, they system is very really truly slow. Should I launch it with certain arguments or should I launch other services?
comment What are the files in /dev/input/ and what they do?
Thanks. But how can I interpret this data? To me they look like of bunch of strange characters. Please kindly refer to my questions again. Let's say, how can I read (if possible) the cursor location from this file?