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Software developer in Canada from Austria with three boys and Australian wife and a strong Java, Android, Web and Linux background.

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comment Installing Ubuntu from USB stick on Mac - black screen
I ended up trying Fedora as well and got it to boot .. but not far enough to proceed to an installer. Ultimately I gave up on dual booting and ended up running Linux only in a VM. A real shame but thats where I ended up. I am still dealing with trouble from mounting MacOSX filesytem from the VM and other issues.
comment How to install blender from the official website
That is not correct. By default ubuntu packages put their files across the whole filesystem depending on what file they are. E.g. executables go into /usr/bin configuration into /etc and so on. Synaptic or any other package manger can show you a list of all files and the various positions..
comment How to install blender from the official website
Installing it into /usr/lib is a bad idea. The linux standard base suggest /opt for this sort of task. You could also use /usr/local ..
comment IRC client that automatically associates with IRC URI
I guess not then ;-)
comment What are the most important Ubuntu sysadmin tasks, and what are the best tools for that?
Way too general as a question as well as not even really ubuntu specific either.
comment How can I prevent myself from getting logged out automatically in a multi-user setup?
there are enough ttys.