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To make zfs compatible again with spl, as root: apt-get install ubuntu-zfs zfs-dkms zpool import -a zfs mount -a (This summarizes the comments with gertvdijk, who deserves the credit for this answer but may have lost interest as almost a week has passed.)


There is no way to convert in place a non ZFS file system to a ZFS one. You need to backup the former, create the pool and restore your data. It is also unclear how you want to create a RAIDZ pool with only two 4TB disks. You can only create a mirror or a stripe with two devices.


It is not possible to reformat your drive without losing all the data stored on it.


The instructions refer to building Debian packages. You need to follow the build instructions, but before running git-buildpackage, edit the control file in the debian directory (debian/control) and add to the Build-Depends list, dh-systemd (add it anywhere in the list, really, but I like keeping the order): Build-Depends: autotools-dev, autoconf, ...

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