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In 'Window Manager' settings, under the 'Advanced' tab, disable 'Wrap workspaces when dragging a window off the screen'


just right click on the mail icon, hit properties. you'll see a list of indicators like: sound, power management and messaging menu. check the box on the right next to messaging menu, close. log out, log back in and there, the icon should be gone. this hides the indicator instead of removing or deleting it which most of the times will result in issues ...


This could be due to the startup bug that affects several XFCE4 daemons: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1347272 If so, a workaround is to not start xfce4-volumed in daemon mode. Create a file ~/.config/autostart/xfce4-volumed.desktop containing something like this: [Desktop Entry] Hidden=false Exec=xfce4-volumed --no-daemon ...

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