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Determined by trial and error by adding and/or removing options: let g:fzf_launcher='gnome-terminal --disable-factory -x bash -ic %s'


Another alternative to the @Hibou57 answer: # The Octal Way alias clear="echo -e '\033c\c'" OR # The Hex Way alias clear="echo -e '\x1b\c'" Basically this will have exactly the same effect, it will print the ^[ character (which clear your terminal) and does not output the trailing new line.


Xterm uses cut buffers, not the standard X11 clipboard selection used for standard copy-paste that gnome-terminal and most other Linux programs now use. But if you start xterm like this: xterm -ls -xrm 'XTerm*selectToClipboard: true'& then selections are available via the standard clipboard. Read more at Copying and Pasting in Xterm | StarNet ...


I have found the answer here. May the way I asked the question was little confusing. I was actually looking for terminal emulators. But before I read this, I never knew that there are emulators exist for terminal. There are a number of terminal emulators available for Linux and so for Ubuntu which give more usability based on your application. Usability in ...

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