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I tried logging in as root, as opposed to the regular user I was logging in before, and everything was working fine. This seemed to indicate that it was more of a configuration issue than an xfce4 corruption. Therefore I logged in again as the regular user that had the problem and deleted the configuration folder, after terminating xfce4 process: mv ...


You'll want to look at byobu or screen for this. Then you can close the terminal window and the shell is still running. Afterwards, you can connect back to it. This is also useful when you want to connect to it from a different machine using ssh. That is very popular with IRC clients, for instance.


As seen in the Arch Wiki, you need to make Xterm to send the correct escaped key to the program: If you use the Alt key for keyboard shortcuts, you will need this in your resource file: XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true So, just do: echo 'XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true' >> ~/.Xresources And restart your Xterm session.

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