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I guess you've got the wrong link. The file which actually contains the application is this one: Just download it using your browser. Then navigate to the directory where the file is located, right click it and unzip it. I guess some kind of executeable will get unpacked. Greetings, Didi


The XFCE launcher is pretty good, but basic. If you can, you should be using Synapse. IIRC, the XFCE default appsearch only looks at menuitems. Unity / Zeitgeist / whatever else use a bigger index of programs that searches all programs registered with it. [Still testing XFCE searching] So, there are two methods to do this: Install + Configure Synapse ...


I used to see problems similar to this on old Gnome 2 while playing with compiz, the window manager would need to be restarted sometimes, logging out & back in works, or restarting the window manager might work too. Xubuntu / XFCE uses the xfwm4 window manager, and it's got an option --replace that might work. Try: xfwm4 --replace & in a terminal ...


Nevermind, I solved it. I disabled "enable application indicator" and magically the tray icon showed in systray area. Thank you anyway!


Click the All Settings icon from the top left launcher. From there, click on the Panel icon. On the Display tab, you'll see a Measurements section. Just increase the Row Size (pixels) setting to the size that you want.


About the original question: I too am an xfce user and am somewhat visually impaired. I use the red pointer, but often can't find it in a cluttered desktop. Then I just use Alt+F1 which pulls up a file manager menu box. I don't need it, but it's always placed on the desktop with the cursor at one of its upper corners. Once I've located the cursor, I just ...

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