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Definitely a no-go using WUBI on Windows 8, don't try that (http://pad.lv/694242). See this answer for more info than you could ever possibly want about installing on Windows 8, it's a little tricky because of gpt, UEFI, secure boot, may have to install 64-bit Ubuntu also... about 10 pages, mostly getting prepared to install, must-read: Installing Ubuntu ...


Do you want to remove all and install 14.04, Then make a bootable DVD or USB drive and boot from it, This will be easiest way to install...


The temporary fix - overriding the initial mounting of the root.disk to rw (read/write) instead of ro(read-only) is good. It's the only way to boot Wubi after a 14.04 install (or upgrade). However, there is a better long term fix than permanently modifying the mount to read/write. It's best to modify the way the loop device is created in order to allow ...


You must be trying to install it from disk image after mounting it on Drive G or H or whatever.. YOu have to extract it in to a folder and then have to go for the installation.

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