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WARNING Partitioning always holds a risk of data loss. Moving the left borders of partitions may lead to boot failure. Especially as you did a Wubi installation I can't predict how it will react. MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE PROCEEDING! First, you need to boot from a live system, e.g. your Ubuntu installation medium. From there, start GParted. You ...


You can't resize because of the following problems: The ext4 partition on sda5, within the sda4 Extended Partition, is mounted and in use. The swap partition on sda6, within the sda4 Extended Partition, is mounted and in use. You also said that Ubuntu is installed via Wubi. This complicates things. We can't easily resize a Wubi installation. A Wubi ...


In fact WUBI works with Windows 10. I had Ubuntu installed with WUBI to Windows 7. When I upgraded to Windows 10 I left it there, and it still works fine (Ubuntu 13.10). I have not tried installing WUBI directlly on Windows 10, though.


A similar question was answered here for 12.04 but be aware. Newer Wubi versions are not maintained and therefore not recommended. There are other issues like that one.


Nothing happens to your old Wubi when you migrate. It is purposefully left untouched. It is not a partition, but a virtual partition (a file C:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk). The principle of the migration is that you make an exact copy* of your Ubuntu install, *except that the old one is a Wubi install and the new one is a normal dual boot. The migration ...

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