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yeah.. googled about that a bit.. you cant really seem to bing them.. as its not a key binding.. but if it has the multi touch option (your touchpad) then you can configure it using ubuntu. heres a link i found that might help you : Touchpad gestures to change workspace


so you need to go to system settings --> appearance --> click on the behavior tab. From there check enable workspaces, and voila ! you have four workspace. you can naviagte by using ctrl + alt and a directionnal arrow (up down, left right) Worked for me :)


There is a good way to customize whatever you want including workspaces in ubuntu 14.04. Install Unity tweak tool by the following command: sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool Open the Unity tweak tool (know more about Unity tweak tool) and go to "Hot Corners". Then add workspace to one of the corners (it is usual to put it on top left in GNOME 3). ...


Once enabled, as described by Rohith Madhavan, you can switch manually by using Ctrl Alt plus left, right, up and down arrow keys or by selecting the Workspace Switcher on the Unity launcher


Open System Settings and click on Appearance Now, select the Enable Workspaces box You will now have a Workspace Switcher on your Unity launcher


You can change the number of workspaces in the default workspace indicator, using simple cli commands: gsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ vsize 3 gsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ hsize 3

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