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Run these two commands: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop sudo apt-get install unity Reboot your system And after than try Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys. You will able to switch between workspaces.


Disable "Click to Focus" On CCSM, Go to; General -> General Options -> Focus & Raise Behaviour => Disable "Click to Focus"


This is doable with an extension called multi-monitors-add-on. I you are using the latest version of Gnome shell (3.14 and 3.16) use the master branch: git clone git://github.com/spin83/multi-monitors-add-on.git cd multi-monitors-add-on cp -r multi-monitors-add-on@spin83 ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions For Ubuntu 14.04, which has Gnome shell 3.10, ...


At present there is no option to customize the capture behavior of host keystrokes in VirtualBox. It is either always "Auto Capture Keyboard" or never so. This can be defined in the application preferences from Virtual Box Manager preferences dialog. A convenient way to temporarily toggle host keyboard capturing is pressing the Host-key once. By default ...

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