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Windows programs can not be run in Linux directly, both systems are too different. Linux has a ton of applications, FileZilla and 7zip for example are available as native Linux programs ready to install and use. If you want to use windows programs on Linux than you need to install a runtime environment like Wine. Installation instructions can be found here ...


After some research, here is a tutorial about how to install Line on Ubuntu 12.04 PREVIOUS STEPS PREVIOUS STEP 1: install p7zip-full from the Ubuntu Software Repository PREVIOUS STEP 2: Install vcrun2008 with winetricks. This second step is quite tough, here are the instructions: Getting Winetricks (Note: Winetricks is also available from Ubuntu ...


Easiest way, set the Ubuntu Hard Drive as your first/primary drive. Then in terminal run sudo grub-update That should automatically recognize the other Windows partitions on the other drives and add them automatically. You can also change the primary boot partition in: /etc/default/grub

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