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Wine cannot install Windows Media Feature Pack currently, as it does not support installing .msu files yet. This is the workaround that I was able to find: Get the mfplat.dll, msmpeg2adec.dll, msmpeg2vdec.dll packages from C:~/Windows/system32 and put them into wine's Windows/system32 (get 32 or 64 bit dlls according to your wine settings). Import the ...


Most likely your Wifi is working OK. Linux is supossed to have Wifi drivers by default. Some of them are restricted by licence and you have to install them manually - see How do I install additional drivers? If you still don't see wifi - try to use newest Ubuntu version - 15.10


It seems your external drive is 'encrypted' with some proprietary software, and since we don't know what type of encryption it uses, it is difficult to decode without using the original software. Wine will indeed run your software, but it has no idea about the external device (it has no access directly to devices in Linux, it uses filesystem access). To ...

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