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What's wine got to do with it? Let's ignore that for a moment. Microsoft are open sourcing the core parts of .NET as well as making ASP.NET more open source than it already was. On their own, these two parts would allow you to make command line applications and ASP.NET websites. If you have existing applications like this, it should eventually be possible ...


I can't tell why it doesn't work for you without more information about your setup, but this is how I set it up and it works just fine (as far as I can tell, not knowing assembly). Download Tasm for Windows from sourceforge and install it with WINE. Then download and install dosbox for Windows (direct link). Now you should have two shortcuts on your ...


There are two ways to accomplish this: Play it online from your browser (on angrybird.com for example) or via the chrome store. Buy and download the Windows game here and install via wine as stated here

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