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You can hide files and folders by prefixing their name with a dot


Upgrading Windows shouldn't affect Ubuntu, unless you allow the Windows 10 installer to mess with your partitions. If the Windows 10 installer simply changes the Windows partition, it won't affect the Ubuntu partition; that's pretty straightforward. That being said...if you care about the data that much, you need backups. Not just for this occasion, for ...


First try to change the boot order in BIOS (UEFI) settings. Select Ubuntu to be the default operating system to boot. If this is not possible boot into Windows and disable hibernation and Fast Boot. To disable hibernation open command prompt as administrator and execute this command: powercfg /h off To disable Fast Boot open Control Panel (the old ...


During the upgrade process Windows will likely tell you whether it's going to modify just its own partition, or also other partitions on your disc. If it only modifies the Windows partition nothing with your bootloader or Ubuntu partition should change. You can transfer your files from Ubuntu to Windows right from your file manager. If you're using ...

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