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Ubuntu is based on Debian and Debian can run fully on the terminal. Just choose not to install X11 and you will get a command-line only version of Linux. For a lengthy list of linux distributions specifically designed to be low-memory, see here. BasicLinux is particularly small: it can run on as little as 3MB of RAM and is so small that it can fit in 2.8 ...


I think what you're looking for is Tiny Core Linux it's a small Linux distro that can run in as little as 10 MB of RAM, it's also pretty customizable, check out the Intro page for more information. you would want to download the Core ISO or CorePlus since you say you're new to Linux. Download are available from here


Ubuntu can do this! (This is Ask Ubuntu, after all.) For a really lightweight version of Ubuntu, you can check out Ubuntu Core which may need some configuration. For something that runs command-line only out of the box, but isn't as lightweight, you can try Ubuntu Server.


As a complementary answer in GameDev about porting a steam game to Linux, it could depend on many factors. Here are the comparison: We can see that on Linux is double the amount of memory. Apart from reasons mentioned in the link about compilers, libraries and more, from the Steam and Game developer perspective, they want to make sure that the game runs ...

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