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Virtualbox stores path information in the .vbox file, it includes the path to the mounted virtual cds, the hard disk path, shared folders paths, etc... The path changes when you change OS (from F:/something to /media/user/hexadecimal_number/something) and the information on the .vbox file becomes invalid. AFAIK you can't just share the same VMs seamless ...


"We're not in Kansas anymore..." Click on the Unity Search button and type "software". You will see an orange hand bag with an A in it marked "Ubuntu Software Center". Click that and in a few moments when it settles down, you will see four big menu icons across the top: All Software, Installed, History, and Progress. Click on the "Installed" icon. You'll ...


Even I faced the same issue. After lots of searching on the web,I finally realized that virtualization was disabled in BIOS settings which was causing this issue. I Enter in to BIOS settings, search for Virtualization and Enable it. Problem is solved!! !

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