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Good that you already solved the part of switching from Windows to Linux. The other direction is not that hard: There is the command grub-reboot that does just what you need - see below for detais: If your grub menu entry for the system you want to boot is "Windows", you would just do: $ grub-reboot Windows If you configure the hardware to boot after ...


you have 2 options if you don't want lose your previous data or OS. You need know that the maximum number of primary partitions on a disk is 4. So, this is what I would do : Backup contents of DATA partition In Ubuntu installer select Custom partitioning Erase DATA Partition Create an extended partiotion and inside of the extended partition I would ...


With both disks connected, boot into Ubuntu in sda. Open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T. Enter (or copy and paste in the terminal) sudo update-grub Enter your Ubuntu to login password when prompted. The Cursor won't move when you type the password. This is normal. On next restart, GRUB should show both Ubuntu and Windows

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