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To enable/disable the window rollup on mousewheel feature: Open the Settings Manager Scroll down to Other and select Settings Editor Select the xfwm4 option, and check/uncheck the mousewheel_rollup option. This worked for me.


You are able to get the ChromeOS desktop in it's own window via the chrome unstable branch. google-chrome-unstable -open-ash


I like Put to next Output with Ctrl + Alt + n enjoy it! Put at CCSM. Put to Next Output


Probably the easiest option is using wmctrl -c. You might have to install it first: ~$ sudo apt-get install wmctrl then to close a window named "example" (no matter what application it belongs to), use the command: ~$ wmctrl -c "example" More options However, there are many more options to close a specific window, depending on your "angle of ...


My solution: VirtualBox: File -> Preferences -> Input -> uncheck "Auto Capture Keyboard"


To enable "Sticky Windows", enter terminal, then type ccsm. This will open the compiz settings manager. Then scroll down to window management, and select "Snapping Windows". You may need to log out and then back in to load the changed settings.


The reset in the ccsm breaks the system For that you need to Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T Then type sudo apt-get install unity And then reset the unity unity --reset

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