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Highlight the focussed screen (or dim- flash on focus change, see EDIT further below) In a side-by-side dual monitor setup (left-right), the script below will set the brightness of the monitor with the focussed window to "normal" (100%), while other one is dimmed to 60%. If the focus changes, the brightness will follow the focus: focus on (a window) on ...


In Unity since 14.04 you can hit Super+W (window spread) and then type-to-search for a window by it's name or name of the program.


To change your icewm configuration from the default, simply copy the default configuration files from /usr/share/icewm/ to ~/.icewm/, for example: mkdir ~/.icewm/ cp -R /usr/share/icewm/* ~/.icewm/ preferences – is the core configuration file for IceWM. menu – controls the contents of the IceWM application menu. keys – allows the user to customize ...


EDIT If you are using Unity, definitely use jan's answer. This one could be an alternative for other window managers. The script below should do pretty much exactly as you describe: Press a key combination Type one or more characters of the window name Press Return and the corresponding window appears: The script #!/usr/bin/env python3 import ...

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