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1. Start up nautilus with a maximized window To start nautilus with a maximized window, you can use the script below: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import subprocess import time import sys def w_list(): try: pid = subprocess.check_output(["pgrep", "nautilus"]).decode("utf-8").strip() w_list = subprocess.check_output(["wmctrl", ...


Nautilus remembers the windows size. Start it normally and maximize it, then close it. Now when you type nautilus in terminal, it will open up maximised. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


Script to look up possible window(s) of given pid, then show, minimize or close it Since you mention the command line, the script below runs in a terminal window. You run it with the pid as an argument, e.g.: python3 /path/to/ 1234 Subsequently, a window (list) appears, of which you can choose a (list-) number and type an option to perform on ...


On some of the newer login screens, the selection icon can be located in an icon bar near the upper right corner of the screen.


Replace (parts of) window titles with wmctrl Since my own answer using the application's translation file wasn't sufficient for several cases for me, I built upon Jacob Vlijm's solution and modified his script to replace certain strings in window titles. I hope it's okay to post this a separate answer. Credits go to Jacob Vlijm for the idea and setting up ...

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