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About the question With the right tools, it is not very complicated to "just" raise all windows of an application. It is a bit more complicated to make sure only the windows of the current viewport are raised. The real challenge however is to find a convenient way to make the action available to the user. Below five options to take care of that, to show ...


What's happening is that wmctrl is returning the dimensions of the window inside the decorations (i.e. not including the title bar and borders) but is using the larger window position for the move. (Some command output lines removed : xdotool might not be installed) $ wmctrl -lG 0x04000040 0 751 50 915 944 KMatrix dave@KMatrix: test – Konsole $ ...


The SeatDefaults section, as expected, set the default values. However, once a user has already logged, the session they used (even if it was the default left unchanged) is taken as their session choice. So changes to SeatDefaults no longer apply to them. They'll have to manually select the session from the menu next to their username (usually a gear icon).


The script below can be used as an additional functionality to the "resize-to-quarter" option in 14.04. It can be run with the arguments: "left", "right", "up", "down", to further cut the quarter in eights. What it does If you have your window moved to the quarter of your screen: the script will cut the window in half, either the left, right, top or ...

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