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On other distributions based on Debian above won't work (mainly because you will not have elementary). This below resolves problem. Find in your home holder .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and add: /* Black on white for HTML messages in Evolution Reader/Composer */ /* adjust colour to your liking */ EMailView WebKitWebView, EMailReader WebKitWebView { color: ...


All the dependencies required for building WebKitGTK+3 : gst-plugins-base-1.6.3 GTK+-2.24.29 or GTK+-3.18.7 ICU-56.1 libgudev-230 libsecret-0.18.4 libsoup-2.52.2 libwebp-0.5.0 Mesa-11.1.2 Ruby-2.3.0 SQLite-3.11.0 Which-2.21

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