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There's an application called cheese which can do this. IIRC it's installed by default. If not, you can install it manually using the software center or by typing sudo apt-get install cheese into a terminal window.


I would suggest you use Cheese. It is a webcam program for Ubuntu that supports almost any webcam. You can install it by running the following command in a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T): sudo apt-get install cheese After that, it will display in your installed programs menus.


the r5u870 project have been updated. you could go to the project home page and get the new url. the project is hosted on github now. the x86 version works. you can download it by clicking "download zip" in the right area of the github page, and other steps are just same as before. if you are using the x64 version of linux, you may try the master branch ...


There is a way to do USB over IP, but it is propriety, costs money and has some quirks (as a USB packet takes about 3 IP packets)... usbnet is the package you need if you really want to do USB over IP. If you just want to stream the webcam on the ground floor to look at your dog from the top floor, VLC is indeed what you need: Step 1: test video capture ...

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