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Some of the opening javascript from the page: var unityObjectUrl = "http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/3.0/uo/UnityObject2.js"; It needs the Unity Web Player to work but Unity hasn't released a version for Linux (yet). I'm not happy with any of these solutions but there are a few options... Use pipelight to run the plugin under Wine. If ...


From https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/web/ Ubuntu webapps are web-hosted sites displayed inside an Ubuntu app container. They are true apps that users install, see, launch and use. But their content is provided through URLs. ... ... Features Super simple and easy to create and publish Extend your websites into converged Ubuntu as apps ...


It's a lightweight browser, so is quick to start up: It takes me 54 seconds for chrome to load, and just 3 for "Ubuntu Web Browser" to load. It is a desktop link, straight to the page you want. Admittedly, you can do exactly the same thing with Google Chrome (Options -> More Tools -> Application Shortcuts) so that's fairly redundant - although ...


The Chrome extension, Clutter Free, does exactly what you asked: switches to already open duplicate tab, when a new one is opened, works on redirects as long as the final redirected url is already open Disclaimer: I'm the author for this extension. I too was looking for this solution, and ended up making the extension.

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