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It might be better to remove the offending macro by deleting line 66 from the rtw_debug.c file. sed -i -e '66d' /home/andy/RTL8812AU_linux_v4.3.8_12175.20140902/driver/rtl8812AU_linux_v4.3.8_12175.20140902/core/rtw_debug.c Now you can continue with the build: cd /home/andy/RTL8812AU_linux_v4.3.8_12175.20140902/ sudo make clean make sudo make install


I wouldn't call it malware, it's just apport. If you just want to get rid of the message and you feel comfortable leaving apport enabled, you can run the following command (remember, apport can sometimes send sensitive info so leaving it enabled is an issue of privacy but it does help the developers take care of bugs and performance issues): sudo rm ...


That is a normal message. I recommend clicking "OK". While the message is open, you could xlsclients -al to list the clients of your X server (man xlsclients, of course). See also man xwininfo,man xprop and (shudder) man 7 X to track down which process has that popup open. Seriously, relax. Just the apport crash reporting system. man -k apport and dpkg ...


do a $ grep -R "relayhost" /etc/postfix/ this would give you idea where you have defined an empty relayhost in your postfix configuration files.

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