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The CIDR notation for the range of IP addresses - is Expressing in binary: -> 11010000.01001001.10110100.00000000 -> 11010000.01001001.10110111.11111111 ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ There are 22 leading bits which will be identical for all addresses in that ...


I had exactly the same issue. I searched for a whole day to understand why this happened. In my case, the root cause was caught in syslog in an entry: nm-pptp-service-17364 warn[decaps_gre:pptp_gre.c:347]: short read (-1): Message too long. Apparently the cause was a MTU setting in the WLAN adapter that was too big. By default it is set to automatic. What ...


Start by downloading this: and extract it somewhere. That archive contains 3 important files: ca.crt, crl.pem and YourServer.ovpn (e.g. Germany.ovpn), copy those to /etc/openvpn/. Rename the .ovpn file to .conf and add a line auth-user-pass secrets Create a new file /etc/openvpn/secrets with your PIA ...


For VirtualBox with windows host and linux(mint) guest, go to the Network UI tab and set for "Adapter" => "Attached to : NAT" and "Adapter type : Paravirtualized network". After that start your VM and you should be able to use VPN network.

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