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This answer applies only to Lenovo Z470, but there's probably a similar way to solve for other models. Found the answer here: lenovo z470 keyboard gets stuck From that question: Open your Terminal. $ sudo nano /lib/udev/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb In nano editor look for "lenovo" section (CTRL + w). On Ubuntu 15.04 there should be a section similar to the ...


amixer set IEC958,0 mute You have to specify your card as shown in the amixer output. Use "unmute" instead of "mute" to turn the sound back on again.


Modern mouse devices have more than one id when you run query xinput list. This script will cover those devices as well but first proper id must be determined. The selection is based on difference between outputs of xinput query-state <id> command and assumption that one id will have some key 245 in output, hence the line: moid0=$(xinput query-state ...

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